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Our Parts Department

Our outside sales program covers a 75 to 100 mile radius and we run a regular delivery schedule each week. Call the Parts Department for scheduled days in your area.

Transport Trailer is a distributor for over 50 suppliers of parts for all makes and types of trailers and trucks along with major trailer manufacturers such as:

Body Parts

Flooring, Side Posts, Side Sheets, Bottom Rails, Top Rails, Nose Rails, Roof Materials, and Roof Bows.

Brake Parts

Brake Shoes, Brake Kits, Brake Drums, Hubs, Bearings, Seals, and Hub Caps.

Suspension Parts

Springs, Hangers, Complete Suspensions, Torque Arms, Slider Parts, Air Springs, Shocks, U-bolts, King Pins and Crossmembers.

Air System Parts

Brake Chambers, Brake Valves, ABS Components, Air Lines, Fittings, and Gladhands.

Electrical and Lighting

Many brands of lights, light cable, Coiled Pigtails, and Electrical Hookups.

Drive Line Components

U-Joints, Drive Shaft Tubings, All Drive Shaft Components and P.T.O. Components.

Safety Equipment

Triangle Flare Kits, Conspicuity Tape, Reflectors, Safety Flags, Signs, Decals, and Mud Flaps.

Dump Trailer/Truck

Hydraulic Pumps, Wet Line Kits, and Bedliners.

Cargo Control

Straps, Chains, Binders, Cargo Bars, Logistic Track, Logistic Straps, and Scuff Liners.




General Trailer Service

Complete Welding & Machine Shop

Bus & Coach Service

Air System Service

Air systems in trailers can be tricky. Trailers are equipped with brakes that utilize air generated by the truck and pumped to the trailer system. A series of valves and air lines presents ample opportunity for trouble. Transport Trailer stocks numerous replacement parts and can diagnose and repair most air problems on site.

Suspension & Brake Service

Having problems with your suspension? Whether your trailer uses springs or rubber bags filled with air, our repair department can get it resolved quickly using quality, in-stock replacement parts. Also consult our expert technicians for electrical and lighting issues and drive line components.

Trailer Reconstruction

We can even rebuild your damaged trailer.

Wheel Alignment for Heavy-Duty Trucks

Hunter Alignment Systems Make Truck and Bus Alignment Service Fast & Simple.

The Hunter WT Series Heavy-Duty Alignment Systems utilize a powerful computer, Microsoft® Windows® Vista and exclusive WinAlign® HD software to deliver alignment features specifically for heavy-duty truck, trailer and bus applications.

Widest Scope of Application. Supports more than 60 heavy-duty axle configurations including dozens of truck/trailer, bus and dolly manufacturer configurations. After selecting a configuration, step-by-step instructions for sensor placement, measurement and adjustment are provided on-screen.

Heavy-Duty Vehicle Specifications Database. WinAlign HD software includes a complete specification database as supplied by major heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers.

Sensors Measure Wheelbases Up to 600 Inches on Trailers, 500 Inches on Trucks!

Wireless/Cordless Alignment “No Strings Attached!” No Toe Lines or “Strings” DSP506T Sensors electronically measure camber, caster, S.A.I., thrust angle, scrub angle and front and rear toe using fewer electronic components and circuits than previous models.

Cordless Sensors (Optional). High-Frequency Spread-Spectrum transmitters in sensors send data to the console. Cables are no longer necessary between the sensors and console.

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